Sell your luxury good with BARNES Israel

BARNES Israel is supporting you in the act of selling your property. Working with BARNES is trusting a real estate professional.

Why BARNES Israel?

With offices in the most prestigious addresses around the world, BARNES offers a global, unique and international service. Whether your property is located in Paris, Geneva, London, New York, Miami, Tel Aviv or St. Barts, BARNES proposes its services to all of its international clients.

To provide an international visibility to your house means to offer the opportunity to quickly find a buyer in the best conditions. 

This connectivity without borders allows a good to be consulted in real time in all the BARNES offices. Because the excellence in product is not enough, BARNES also offers the excellence in customer relations.

You need a free estimate ? You need to rend your property ? Our teams of consultants are at your disposal.

The good valuation of your property

The real estate agent is an indispensable player in the real estate sector. Subject to strict regulations and obligations, he is the essential intermediary of any transaction.

Our real estate consultants put their skills and experiences in the luxury real estate market in the valuation of your property. The BARNES Israel real estate experts visit each estimate to promote the characteristics of your property in the best way.

The search for a property depends on each potential buyer and its requirements. The BARNES agent targets with the great attention all the key points of your property to detect the best potential buyers in its international database clients.

Communication as sales support

Communication is a priority in the development of your property. BARNES controls the international, national and regional media. BARNES Israel also uses all social networks for global distribution of your property.

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